Shipping & Refund Policy


Catalog orders must be received by March 25th and will be shipped via USPS the week of March 28th. We only ship to the domestic US and the shipping fee is included in the price of the catalog. We do not ship any other items at this time.


Refunds will be made at the sale or by mail if you can show a receipt of payment.

Catalog Refunds

All sales are final. There are no returns or exchanges. Each item is shipped and inspected by us personally and will not be shipped with any defects. Please be sure about your purchase before placing your order. If your catalog has not arrived a week before the sale, please contact us at (704) 690-1915.

Consignment Fee Refunds

Please refer to the Consignment Contract for details.

Horse Sale Refunds

Horse sale refunds will be considered strictly following the guidelines in the Conditions of Sale and pertaining to soundness only.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our shipping or refund policy, contact us so we can help at (704) 690-1915.

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