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2014 AQHA Red Dun Gelding

We are very excited to present “Monty,” a 7 yr. old, solid 14.2 hand, beautiful red dun gelding. Born an raised as a ranch horse, roping and dragging calves to the fire, this guy knows and appreciates a good days work. Even though he is a hard worker, this guy can sit for days or weeks and will always be that same good boy each time you get him out. Monty has been on miles and miles of trails and is a superstar where ever you take him. He can go out alone or with a group and doesn’t care where he is in the pack. This awesome sized , great colored boy with four white socks is safe for anyone of any level of riding to ride and enjoy. He has a very smooth comfortable jog and canter, and is easy to ride in or out of the arena.
This guy has had all levels of rider on his back and is safe, non spooky, and will take care of you no matter what.
For more information please call Buckeye Acre Farm, Duane Yoder 330-231-2324


WILLY 2009 TWH Sorrel Gelding / WAYLON 2009 TWH B/W Gelding

We are hoping to sell these two Tennessee Walking Horses as a pair.
Willy is a 12 yr. old, 15.1 hand sorrel gaited horse. Willy is good looking with a big blaze face. He has the smooth gliding gait that is easy to ride. You have heard of a “husband horse,” well here is the perfect “husband and wife” pair of gaited horses. They have been ridden on trails by an older couple for the past six years in the Land Between the Lakes trails of Kentucky. The couple has recently retired, but Willy and Waylon have a lot of trail miles to go!

“Waylon” is a 12 yr. old, 15.1 hand black and white paint gaited horse. Waylon has been trail ridden in the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky for the past 6 years with his buddy Willy. He has the smoothest gait you’ll ever ride. He’s fun to be around and handle. He turns heads everywhere he goes and is one of the prettiest gaited horses you’ll see on the trail. He is flashy black and white with a beautiful mane and tail. Be sure to watch him in the gaited horse show off on Friday night.


2011 Bay Walking Horse Mare

“Greta” is a 10 yr. old, 14.3 hand bay walking horse. This gaited mare is the real deal if you’ve been looking for a gaited horse that can really rack and give you a smooth ride. A true walking horse, Greta has been trail ridden in the hills of North Carolina. A pretty mare and just the right size for anyone to easily mount. Watch her go and see how smooth and fun she is to ride. For info 864-682-9578

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2010 AQHA Sorrel Mare

“Daisy” is an 11 yr. old AQHA sorrel mare that stands 15 hands. She has been ridden by a 10 yr. old girl at her home and on the trails. She is an easy riding mare with flashy white stockings and a blaze face. Sound and kind. For more info call 864-682-9578

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2009 QH Grullo Mare

This 12 yr. old grullo mare stands 15 hands. Tabby was ridden on the local trails by an older lady who had to sell her due to health issues. She handles great and loves to be around people. This mare gets along with other horses and is gentle and friendly.


2013 QH Grey Gelding

This nice stout, good looking gray gelding stands 15.1 hands. He has been used on a ranch his entire life to check cows during calving season. Rides with an excellent handle. If you are looking for a real cowboy horse you can use on the ranch or enjoy him as a trail horse, Denver is the horse to check out. He can take you where you want to go. For more info call 864-682-9578


2017 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Take a look here at this beautiful, shapely gelding that is well bred on both sides. We call this guy “Roman” and he is a 4 yr old 15.1 hand, shiny sorrel gelding. Having the 2 all time leading sires, Invitation Only and Zippo Pine Bar on the bottom and Zippo Mr Good Bar on the top he definitely carries the ultimate smooth pleasure ride. He is a wonderful trail horse and absolutely loves an adventure. He loves to please and really enjoys lots of attention whenever you come around. He is that true, in your pocket, type of horse. Roman has been on lots of trails and he will go where ever you ask him to go. He is awesome to take out alone or goes with a group. He does not cause a fuss and will fit into any program with ease. For more information, please contact Buckeye Acre Farm, Duane Yoder, 330-231-2324

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2011 AQHA Dun Gelding

“Freckles” is a really nice 10 yr. old dun gelding, standing the perfect height of 14.2 hands. Easy on, easy off. Freckles has been a real asset to our ranch. You can rope a calf off of him, check fences all day, and he will always give you 100%. Sound and gentle for most anyone who wants a good riding horse. Trail ride him, work him, enjoy him, he is a good horse to work with. He has the pedigree to be a good one, he goes back to the great Peponita on the top side. Check him out.

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Goose is a 10 yr. old, 15.1 hand gray gelding. He is a thick made guy with lots of shape that’s sure to get noticed on the trails when he is handling all the tough terrain. Goose has a very nice walk, trot and lope. He is happy to trail ride all day. He has a good handle and with his build he can carry a big man easily. Up the mountain or down by the stream he can take you there. Goose is a great partner to have on your team!
Call 336-977-0521 for more information.

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2009 Chestnut/White Crossbred Gelding

Joe is a 12 yr. old liver chestnut and white cross bred gelding, standing 15.2 hands high. A true gentleman that’s easy on the eyes. He is a good trail horse with a very smooth jog and canter. Not only is he a great riding horse but he also drives, single or double! Joe will hook up and take you down the road, come check him out. Contact H1 Livestock at 336-977-0521

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2004 QH Buckskin Mare

“Jessi” is a beautiful 15 hand ,buttermilk buckskin mare. This mare was born and raised on the famous Haythorn Ranch. She spent several years being used as a ranch horse, moving, sorting and doctoring calves. Jessi is a wonderful trail riding partner. she goes down any trail you ask her to, crosses creeks, bridges, and downed trees with ease. She is a very fun horse to ride with a smooth jog, rocking horse lope, and great breaks. She neck reins and moves off your leg. Don’t miss this great mare!


2008 Quarter type Sorrel Gelding

Nugget is a 13 yr. old sorrel gelding that stands 14.1 hands. Nugget has the prettiest head and best disposition. He is the perfect size for anyone looking for an easy horse to get on and off of. He is a pleasure to handle, ride and be around. He gets along well with other horses, has smooth gaits and is a sweetheart. He is a size that will fit the whole family.

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