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2010 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

Take a look at this cool dude, Blue Roan in color, built like a tank, temperament like a big puppy, sound, safe and 15 hands.This guy will do it all. He has been earning his keep on our farm going on 2 years we take him to do all the chores at the farm down the road. You can open and close gates on him easily. He has had miles of trail experience as well as overnight camping and he is good on the high line. You do not have to babysit him, let him set for awhile, tie him where you want, haul him when you want. Stands to clip and for the farrier. Hey, this guy will drive just as good as he rides! So if you want to go on that awesome trail ride or just take the carriage around the farm or to town you can take him and be noticed where ever you go! No vices, UTD shots and worming.

2014 Bay/Tobiano Gypsy Vanner

Buckeye Acre Farm would like to present to you for your consideration a very well trained and talented Gypsy Vanner gelding. He has one of the sweetest temperaments available on a horse. Beginner, to advanced rider, it does not matter to him. We had him out after dark and on moonlight rides and to the downtown environment. He will do it all. Goes thru water anywhere on the trail. One day we went out in the pasture and took off his bridle and saddle and we decided to ride him around, no problem. Can’t mount him, no problem, tell him to lie down so you can get on him and go ride. He rides very good with your seat and leg cues, easy transitions. Smooth walk, trot, canter. Enough said, no faults on this beautiful guy. Come see for yourself as he has some tricks up his sleeve that you will want to see! UTD on shots and worming.

2010 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

First Class – Exceptional Training – Wow, pretty as a picture is all we would have to say about Quincy. Standing 15.2 hands, solid as a rock whether you are trail riding or showing or working cows, he can do it. He has the ability and knowledge to do it all. We owned him the last year and our son Gabriel had him all over the trails thru creeks, up and down hills. He will do it with ease. Born and raised on the famous Pitzer Ranch, and proudly carries the Pitzer Brand. No matter what level rider that you are or if you have never been on a horse, please take a look. Well trained and knows all the cues for experienced rider but will slow down for even the first time rider. He knows how to pull from the horn and will really work a cow. One hand neck rein. Let him set for a month or 6 months, bring him back and he will not disappoint you. No buck. The year that we have owned him he has taught our children more than you can imagine! Showing, penning, sorting, trail riding, you name it he can do it. Why not buy a good on? It doesn’t cost more to feed one. Buy with confidence. UTD on shots and worming.

2013 AQHA Black Gelding

Registered AQHA, this guy has tons of trail miles as well as all kinds of Ranch work and stands 15.1 hands. His color is black and he is truly a handsome fella. So if you are looking for a seasoned trail horse that has a soft walk, trot and canter, here he is.He will cross water and logs, basically he will go wherever you point him to go. he is good on leg cues, and will side pass and has a nice on hand neck rein. Just an all-around good using horse that is broke, broke. UTD on shots and worming.

2012 AQHA Roan Gelding

Here is that super cute roan gelding standing at 15 hands. Just a perfect gentleman that the whole family can get along with. He is a pleasure to ride and even easier on the eyes. He knows his leads and leg cues. He has an easy jog and lope as well as a one hand neck rein. He has always been a solid mount whether in the arena or on the trails, in a group or out solo. He has miles and miles of trail experience and also on the road in heavy traffic. He will go down any trail that he is asked and if you want to play and have fun with some cows you can. Our children have had lots of fun with him as you can see in the video. If you take a look and fall in love and buy this super cute guy we don’t think you will regret it!

2015 IDSHR Bay and White Gelding

Flashy, sporty and very well trained, that’s the package we have here. Registered with the International Draft and Sport Horse Registry. Icon stands at 15.3 hands and is trained to ride and drive. He is very friendly and easy to get along with. We have had him a year and you do not have to keep him in a steady program to keep him the same. He has a very smooth trot and canter. Works good in the arena or out on the trail. He has all his leads down pat and also his leg cues. He crosses water, logs, brush, where ever you want to go he will get you there. This cool dude would be good at ranch work, western dressage, english dressage, pleasure trail or taking you on that dream carriage ride. UTD on shots and worming.

2014 Gypsy Vanner / Welsh Cross Gray Mare

Cute as a button, will fit the description on this girl. Gypsy Vanner, Welsh cross mare standing 14 hands, trained to ride and drive the very best. Good in traffic and downtown and safe on the trails. Gracie will cross water, logs and take you up and down. She is stout enough for the grand parents and small enough for the grandchildren to enjoy This package contains everything from picking up correct leads to giving rides to tourists at the farm. Kyle our 6 yr. old son spent a lot of winter evenings riding and playing with Gracie. Very smooth trot and canter. Kyle’s words are “I love to canter her because she is very SMOOTH”! UTD on shots and worming.

2015 Friesian/Percheron Black Gelding

Standing 16 hands, 4 yr. old, trained the very best to ride and drive. We had this handsome guy to the buggy and on all kinds of trails. He will cross water, logs, and go up and down hills with you. He has the potential to go in any direction you want. Does not have to be in a steady program to keep the same. He is very good on his leads and leg yields. He will go English or western in the ring or out on the trail, we had him over a year and I don’t think that you can untrain this guy. And he will wear a harness just as well as a saddle. Showing, trail riding, carriage driving, going first class, he will do it for you. One of the smartest Friesian Crosses that we have had. Very intelligent, please feel free to ask questions and come watch him perform. UTD on shots, and worming.

2013 Black Friesian Gelding

Webster defines unicorn as “something highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain”. Allow me to introduce you to DENZEL. Highly desirable, yes! Difficult to obtain? Not any more! Here he is! Denzel is probably thew most versatile, coolest horse we have ever had the privilege of owning. Everywhere, we go people of all ages and backgrounds fall in love with this horse! And he has been everywhere! Denzel does absolutely anything that’s asked of him, willingly. Standing at 15.1 hands, Denzel carries himself with pride and grace. He will not only carry you in style, but in safety as well. Denzel has been to the National Championship Chuck Wagon Races in Clinton, AR, ridden in all types of terrain, through every obstacle you can imagine and he is broke to DRIVE as well! He is ready to go show in the Dressage arena also! With cues for leg yields, shoulder in, turn on the haunches, half passes and side passing. Denzel rides on the bit or on a loose rein. He neck reins too. You can’t miss this horse! He’s the talk of the town wherever he goes. His resume is too long to list. Denzel is guaranteed 100% sound, vaccinations are up to date, x-rays are on hand! Look for him in the trail competition.

2006 APHA Chestnut Tobiano Gelding

“Chester” is a 13 yr. old APHA gelding. He is 15.3h and 1175 lbs. A super broke trail horse his whole life. He is good minded, gentle and easy to handle. Chester is super smooth in all his gaits, will lead or follow in a group. Very confident and responsive and is protective with timid riders. If you are looking for a sound, safe and sane forever horse that loves people then he is your guy! Own son of 1991 APHA World Champion, The Spotlight. An easy going, great minded, well built supremely bred gelding.

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