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2013 Chocolate w/Flaxen mane Rocky Mountain Mare

Looking for the smoothest ride on the trail, well here she is! Coco is a 6 yr. old registered, silver black ( chocolate with flaxen mane) Rocky Mountain mare. She stands 14.3 and is a great horse for pleasure riding, trail riding, or riding in a field. Her experience includes roads (paved and gravel) with and without traffic, trails, crossing creeks and shallow rivers, steep rocky hills, in woods, open fields, and arenas. She has been used to move and work cattle, while herding dogs work around her, as well as other horses and ATV’s over all types of terrain. Coco has a pleasant temperament, remains calm around people, in the paddock, stall and field. She can be alone or with other horses. She responds to leg pressure, is soft in the face, can side pass and has a nice back up. An advanced beginner can ride her. She has been annually checked by a vet and has received all recommended vaccinations. She lives in Virginia.

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Fuego is a 15 hand, 7 yr. old AQHA gelding. His daily work is on my cattle farm with jobs of gathering and sorting cattle, as well as to check cattle in the fields. His polite quiet nature adds the ability to perform other work such as ponying colts, being ridden in traffic, around farm machinery, crossing creeks and if you can tie off to the saddle horn, he will drag whatever is needed. During his off time there is many trail rides, local Open Horse Shows and AQHA Versatile Ranch Horse Events. He also has been used as a turnback horse in the cutting pen. Money earner in Jack-Pot Ranch cuttings and Ranch Sorting events. Limited showing as a 4 yr. old has earned AQHA points in VRH Limited Ranch Cow Work (0.5pt), VRH Ranch Conformation (1.5pt), VRH Ranch Riding (1.0pt), VRH Ranch Trail (0.5pt). Fuego qualified for the 2018 AQHA Zoetis Versatility Ranch Horse World Championship Show. He lives in Tennessee.

Lot #5 MAGIC
2011 Black/White Paint Pony Gelding

Magic is a 9 yr. old, cute paint pony gelding that stands, 12.1 hands. Our 7 yr.old son Colby, took him as his winter project. Since Colby says he is going to grow up to be a horse trainer, we thought he better start on a good pony. Well Magic is that and more! He has had the miles put on him trail riding and arena riding, loping circles and stopping. He has been ridden countless times in the arena and pastures to gather, rope or chase all the animals on our place. Colby taught Magic to lay down, sit and side pass to the fence or mounting block. Magic has the potential to go in any direction, whether on the trail, in the show ring or as a game pony, his talents are unlimited. Don’t miss out on this special pony. Watch his videos, he sells sound and lives in South Carolina.

2013 Welsh Cross Pony Palomino Mare

Zyrtec is a 7 yr. old pretty palomino, welsh cross pony that stands at 12.1 hands. Although she is a pony size, she is built just like a small horse. We chose this sweet mare for our 6 yr. old son Cash, to be his first trick pony for a winter project. He can now ride Zyrtec anywhere. She has gone through mud, water, and trails, driven cattle and lopes a barrel pattern. she will lay down, sit, and side pass to the fence to be mounted. This pony has a wonderful temperament and disposition and loves kids. She puts up with their shenanigans and is willing and forgiving. Zyrtec will make any child a great first horse or a step-up horse from a smaller pony. Watch her videos, she sells sound.

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