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2011 AQHA Sorrel Mare
“Fancy,” she is the ONE you are looking for….. she has it all …with conformation, movement and talent. This sweet mare stands 14.3 hands and is as pretty as you could ever want, that’s why we call her FANCY! She is by Mr Playin Stylish and raised on the 6666 Ranch. Our young family has owned this mare and she has never disappointed. She is very easy for anyone to ride, our 10 year old daughter rides her everywhere here at home and also competes in AQHA Ranch Riding classes with her. She is our “go-to” horse for inexperienced riders and always takes care of them. This mare will ride just as good on the trail as she rides in the arena and she is very accepting of her surroundings. Fancy is very well trained and always gives a consistent ride to whoever is riding her. She has earned AQHA points in open, amateur and youth Ranch Riding. She earned the AQHA Level 1 Ranch Riding Horse, 4th in the nation, as well as the Reserve Champion Level 1 Ranch riding Horse. Her trainer Steve Meadows says “I’ve been associated with this mare for the last 3 years. Fancy is absolutely as safe and as broke as they come!” Don’t miss out on this awesome mare!! Contact her trainer Steve Meadows for more information 540-294-8282


2012 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Endlessly searching for the equine love of your life?? Search no more, “Taz”is here! Whether you’re into ranch life and cowboying/cowgirling for a living, or a weekend warrior at the ranch shows, or ropings, or just simply enjoying the ride down the trail, Taz is your guy. Standing at 15.2 hands and `1350 pounds this horse’s stunning presence and fine conformation and beautiful palomino color, will be sure to get you noticed wherever you go. His kind, sweet personality is a big as he is! This fine horse has been ridden in a lot of types of trail terrain, and also knows how to perform his way around an arena. This sweet gelding neck reins with the slightest of ease and lopes off from a standstill while getting his leads every time. He also leg yields, side passes, yields his hind quarter, and works a gate with ease. Taz is a beautiful mover and floats across the ground softly and smoothly. Which makes him great for someone with back issues. Taz will also turn a steer nicely on the head side, or catch a stray in the pasture. Taz stands nicely on the head side, or catch a stray in the pasture. He stands for saddling, bathing, and for the farrier. He will kindly drop is head to make bridling an ease. He will even side pass to a log, gate, pick nick table, or rock for mounting and dismounting. 100% sound and UTD on shots. Watch for this handsome fella in the trail competition. Contact Jessica at 434-981-3863 to learn more


2016 APHA Brown/White Tobiano Gelding
“Leroy” is a 4 yr. old, 14.3 hand APHA gelding who’s been there and done that at his young age. He has had 90 days of reining training, and has a nice handle. He has been used to help break younger colts as well as ponying Thoroughbreds. Leroy has also been extensively trail ridden through different terrains. He has helped to gather cattle as well as pasture rope cattle and drag 1,000 lb steers. This nice gelding has the grit and the heart that a good performance horse needs to get to the next level. The foundation that this horse has, allows his athleticism to thrive. Don’t miss this beautiful paint gelding that anyone can ride. You will really enjoy him. Contact Chris for more information at 484-326-4618


2012 AQHA Grullo Gelding
This is SILVERSDUSTNSMOKE TL”, a registered AQHA Silver Grullo gelding that is one exceptional horse. He is versatile, well broke, seasoned, and user friendly. He is 9 yrs. old and he stands 15.2 hands tall on a stick. He crosses all trail obstacles quietly, stands tied with just a bridle rein for any length of time, stands to mount from either side, loads, hauls, and bathes for any level equestrian. He has smooth transitions, catches his leads, does lead changes, and will stop on whoa. He has been used for all aspects of ranch work and has done lots of doctoring in the pasture. He has also been hauled to the team roping’s and been headed and heeled off of. He loves to work cattle, trail ride, and go new places. He is GUNSMOKE bred on the bottom side. This type of quality gelding is hard to find. He lopes around nicely and is smooth and easy to sit. He is obedient, doesn’t try to take advantage of timid riders, and he does what is asked of him without hesitation. don’t point him if you don’t want to go, as he will go anywhere you ask him. It won’t get too deep or too steep for him. He is a solid and seasoned trail horse the whole crew can enjoy. Contact Erin at 304-238-4155 for more information.


2014 Black Gypsy Vanner Gelding
“Vaquero” is a rare find brought to you by Triple R Stables! Standing 13.3 hands, and 950 lbs. A purebred Gypsy Vanner gelding that goes English, western, harness, trails and ranch work! Vaquero is so stinking cute that you want to put him on a leash and take him for a walk in the park to show him off to your friends! He is exceptionally well trained! He will ride as well outside of the arena, as in the arena. He is responding and riding very well from seat and leg cues, collects up and lopes circles on a loose rein, and has no problem picking up both leads. He can side pass, half pass, all with out a bridle. This past summer we put a lot of trail miles on him. He is very confident, you point him, and he goes! Into the river with water up to his chest, over the logs, up and down any steep trail, thru the brush and ravines……this little guy can master it! Last fall he was at our annual cattle roundup, from sorting and penning, to dragging calves to the fire, he’s done it all! Listen to this…He is also well broke to drive in a cart. He has been downtown in heavy traffic, thru the red lights. There is not a truck big enough to scare him! What a special package….. that hard to find size, great for the kids, but sturdy enough for grandma! Easy to mount at 13.3 hands, Vaquero is sweet as a kitten, loves people, great to work with and fun and easy to train. His video is a must see! Be sure to stop by his stall to meet him, and check out his mustache!
Any questions fee free to call Ray, Triple R Stables @ 330-275 2877


2014 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
“Diego” is a 7 yr. old AQHA gelding that stands 14.3 hands tall. He is the one you want to have around to do just about any job you can think of. He will go clean up and go to a show, and then come home and go to work the next day. He is tried and true. Soft in the mouth and body, he will tote a kid around, or step it up for someone that knows how to ride. He has primarily done cattle work but, his resume includes mounted shooting, barrels, trail competitions and most recently team roping. He will track the dummy or rope out of a box, head or heel. He is quiet in the box. Diego is also great at trail riding if that is more your speed, he will lead or follow. He goes through anything you put in front of him including water, bridges, mud, snow, etc. He is road and dog safe. Diego is 100% sound. Check this nice gelding out, he may be the one you need, he has sure been a good one for us. Contact Paige 207-890-9233 for more information


“Shades” is a 2017 grey registered quarter horse gelding that stands 15.2 hands and weighs 1,200 lbs. He is that one of a kind horse you just don’t see every day. He’s got size, color, temperament and willingness. He’s been in our program an excelled with excellence in roping, ranching, trail riding, arena riding and showing. Shades has been there done that if you are looking for a big fancy powerful gelding that’s just plain fun to ride. We have used him to pony colts off of, he will not blow up or get scared when horses are running around him. He is very soft and light to your hands and leg cues. He will ride off your seat and legs and teach you how to ride correctly. Shade’s broke enough for an advanced rider, but yet forgiving and willing enough for an intermediate rider. Shades has been hauled and has seen a lot for his age, he’s been started right and is ready to go in whatever direction you please. He’s a big, all-around young gelding, no buck or bs to him, you pull him out, step on and go ride. Shades knows all his leg cues nice and smooth walk trot canter. Go to a hunter class one day and a ranch riding class the next, he will do it with ease an always be looking to please. Shades has been in a great training program and has the foundation we all want on our horses. He is very versatile! Shades is very good to shoe, clip, bathe, load, catch, etc. 100% sound and has no vices or health issues. If you’re looking for a big upstanding young gelding that you will be noticed on, anywhere you go, here he is. Shades will make you happy whether your feeding him or riding him, he will put a smile on your face. Enjoy your time with him, he’s fun to have around and is 100%! Thank you for your interest in Shades if you have any questions call or text me at 330-231-2311 anytime Diamond K Horsemanship Training and performance Horses


2011 ApHC Bay/White Spots Gelding
If you are looking for that teddy bear personality and TONS OF COLOR, Comanche is your guy! He has a personality that you will fall in love with more and more each day you spend with him! His demeanor makes him suitable for any level rider, young or old. Comanche stands 15 hands, weighs 1250 lbs and has the best conformation! He’s as broke as they come. He leg yields, side passes, yields his hind quarters, works a gate with ease, takes his leads, and lopes off collected on a loose rein. If you are looking for a partner to hit the trails, Comanche is sure to KEEP YOU SAFE. This gelding loves to trail ride! He enjoys peacefully walking down the trails and enjoying the ride as much as you do. No obstacle is too big, and he maneuvers them with ease. He’s had many miles packing saddle bags. You couldn’t ask for better ground manners. Comanche stands for saddling, bathing, and for the farrier. He will kindly drop his head to make bridling an ease. He will even side pass to a log, gate, pick-nick table, or rock for mounting or dismounting. Comanche is always the first to meet you at the gate and gets along with others in the field. He has been a pleasure for me to ride and he can be for you too! He is the whole package, 100% sound and up to date on vaccinations. Watch for him in the trail competition.
For more information on Comanche contact Jessica at 434-981-3863


2015 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
“Hollywood” proudly comes to you from Triple R Stables. The horse of a different color! Hollywood stands 14.3 hands and weighs 1,000 lbs. He is great in the arena or out on the trail. He quietly collects up and lopes off on a loose rein. He will walk,trot & canter gracefully,will pick up both leads and has a great stop and turn around. Hollywood has a nice ground covering walk and is very suitable on the trails. He will take the lead or bring up the rear. We have had him in the river with water up to his belly,and he loved every minute of it! Nathan has also taken him downtown thru the traffic lights. The big trucks and the commotion of the city definitely do not phase him. Hollywood has a great personality. He is content in his stall or loves to go play with his pasture mates! When it comes to shoeing,grooming or clipping he takes it all in stride. Good mind,Good confirmation, and a unique color all in one special package!!! To schedule an appointment to come see him or any questions contact Ray @ 330-275-2877
or email at
If you are unable to attend the auction contact the auction company Great American Ranch and Trail Horse Sale and get set up to bid by phone or online! Thank you and God Bless!!


2012 AQHA Dun Gelding
What’s not to like about “Ike!” Standing at 15 hands, he’s at the top of the heap in every way! A classic rodeo pedigree to match his rodeo shape and talent. He spent a year in a Professional AQHA trainer’s barn getting a solid rope foundation. Ike is a good rope and cow horse with a soft feel and also has the versatility through disposition and willingness, to go a lot of directions. Pedigree, conformation, color, and talent will take this horse any direction you want to go. Rodeo, rope horse, ranch horse, trail horse, pick one or all of them! Step in and swing hard, he won’t disappoint! Come see him at the sale. Presented by Judah Bauman of Diamond B Horsemanship 717-344-7447

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