Absentee Bid Information

If you are unable to attend this sale personally, Turnbull Equine Productions, suggests one of following ways to ensure that you have a chance to bid on the horses you are interested in.

Mail Bid Form:

Print this Mail Bid Form or obtain a copy by calling Turnbull Equine Productions at 704-690-1915. The form will ask which horses you are interested in bidding on and the maximum amount you will bid on each horse. Your confidence will be respected. It is important that a check for the full amount of the mail bid accompany your Mail Bid Form. If unsuccessful your funds will be returned.

Phone Bid:

This method of bidding is only an option if the bidder pre-registers using this Mail Bid Form. Use the Mail Bid Form to give the appropriate buyer and contact information. You will be called one horse prior to the horse you intend to bid on; and a check for the full amount of the bid must accompany your Mail Bid Form.

Agent Authorization:

If you wish to bid on a horse through an Agent, Turnbull Equine Productions, MUST have a signed and notarized Agent’s Authorization Form on file. If no such form is on file with Turnbull Equine Productions, all registration papers, etc, associated with the sale of the horse will be transferred to the buyer of record, not to a third party. An Agent Authorization Form can be obtained here, or by calling Turnbull Equine Productions at 704-690-1915.


If you have any additional questions regarding Absentee Bidding, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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